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Why Do Science, Math, Computer or Engineering Projects??

Benefits to Classroom Teaching

  • Involves students directly in science activities to better understand the developmental aspect of science.
  • Allows opportunity to work beyond regular classroom content and/or depth of study.
  • Stimulates student curiosity.
  • Encourages students to investigate on their own initiative.

Benefits to the NGSS logo2Curriculum

  • Supports the inquiry process, incorporating and deepening all 8 Science & Engineering Practices in the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Aligns with the Common Core ELA Reading and Writing Standards for Science & Technology
  • Integrates science with other curriculum including math, technology, and ELA.

Benefits for Students

  • Helps develop managerial skills such as organizing activities and materials and meeting a timeline.
  • Acquaints students with various science-related careers.
  • Assists students in making realistic decisions about preparing for careers in science, taking into account the abilities and interests of the student.
  • Provides a forum for students to demonstrate their work to peers and teachers.
  • Indicates an achievement level on college admissions forms and scholarship applications.

Community/Public Relations Benefits

  • Shows what schools are doing to motivate students.
  • Demonstrates community/business support through assistance in project development or financial support of a science fair.
  • Gives publicity to gifted science students