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Summer Pre-Approval Project Certification Forms Are Here!

If your student’s SUMMER PROGRAM has not yet begun, see directions below:

DIVER TAKING DATAIf your students have been selected for a summer research program beginning after June 6th, please submit a completed pre-approval form for projects involving tissues/cell lines, human subjects, vertebrate animals, hazardous materials and/or hazardous microbes as soon as you decide on your project.  We will respond with approval or need for re-submission promptly.

STUDENTS:  Complete the following required form(s) that pertains to your project. 
  1. Type your information in the boxes and on separate sheets for the Research Plan, Sample Human Consent Form and any questionnaire (if needed). Save the forms with your school name.
  2. Print out the completed forms, Research Plan and for human projects: sample Human Consent Form and any proposed surveys – and make sure the Certification page has ALL the proper signatures.

Submit to your Site Science Fair Coordinator as soon as possible, so the Site Coordinator has time to read and send the forms in.

Site Coordinators:

email pix1. Scan the signed form(s) (you can use the school copier to do this) and save them as a PDF and email the form(s), along with a completed “Coversheet for Student Certification Forms” listing all students submitting summer certification forms from your school to: OR

2. Mail the signed form(s) to the following address:

Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair
Attn: Summer Certification Forms
8504 Firestone Boulevard #247
Downey, CA 90241
An online intONLINE CERTeractive website for certification is currently being developed for Fall and Winter Certification.

Pre-Approval for Projects

Pre-Approval graphic


School and Site Coordinator Online Registration

scifair reg

New dates and information for the 2015 fair will be coming before the end of June. Thanks for making the 2014 Los Angeles County Science & Engineering Fair one of the best ever for our students.  The Fair cannot happen without your hard work and dedication to good science – we applaud you!

ATTENTION:  Read the video directions carefully and watch the video before attempting to register!   Directions for the Step-by-Step Online Registration Process video below:

For BEST quality, once you click on the “play” arrow, hover your mouse pointer over the “gear” icon that will pop up on the lower right of the screen (it will say”change quality”) and select the highest quality (720p HD.)  You can then reduce the size of the Registration Page window on your computer screen and open a second window for the School/Site Coordinator Online Registration Site link below. By having both screens open, side-by-side, you can follow along with the video directions, pause the video and perform the needed actions at the Registration Site itself. 

If prefer, you can view the directions directly through YouTube by clicking on the YouTube button on the lower right of the video screen (like you did to change the quality.)  You can then use a second computer or tablet to do the actual registering while you watch the directions on the first device….  Remember, you have to wait up to 72 hours to receive your computer-generated password before completing your registration.  SAVE THE PASSWORD – it cannot be changed.

CLICK BELOW ↓ to enter the CLOSED

School/Site Coordinator Online Registration Site

Microsoft Word - Document7Site Coordinator Student Project Approval Directions Video

site coord-web

Please read the similar Site Coordinator Registration Directions below before viewing.

Download 2015 Site Coordinator’s Check List (keep all year)

Science Fair Check-in, Step-by-step

(Change video setting to “480p” at bottom right of screen for best viewing)


Site Coordinators:

registering onlinePlease have each student or team fill out the downloadable scratch sheetand check for accuracy prior to registering on-line. For Team Project submittals, designate a Team Captain who will be responsible for online registration (only the Team Captain registers for his/her team online).

Note: Please understand that this scratch sheet is not on-line registration or a substitute for on-line registration—it is simply a means of proof reading student answers.



  • Please have the downloadable scratch sheet read and printed out before you watch the video below and register. Make sure you show the scratch sheet to your Site Coordinator or teacher for proofreading before entering your information online.
  • For BEST quality, once you click on the “play” arrow, hover your mouse pointer over the “gear” icon that will pop up on the lower right of the screen (it will say ”change quality”) and select the highest quality (720p HD.) For the best viewing of details, click theFull Screen” frame on the extreme lower right corner of the video box.
  • Remember, you have to wait up to 72 hours to receive your computer-generated password before adding your project information and completing your registration. SAVE THE PASSWORD – it cannot be changed!

Final re-submissions for projects requiring pre-approval (for projects involving tissues, cell lines, microbes, human subjects, vertebrates or hazardous chemicals) are currently being read and will be emailed or faxed to schools by  January 20-24, 2014.


Great Online Resource for Coordinators!

“Coordinating a Science Fair” from DiscoveryOnline Science Fair Central



Regulations and Forms to Download (new forms coming over summer)