Student Tips for the Fair

Science Fair Day 1Registration and Set-up

  • Remember: no living organisms at your display
  • Don’t bring in expensive equipment or technology on registration day – save it for the judging.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen items and you don’t want to have to stay by your project the entire time – there are too many cool things to do and see!
  • Check the SAFETY PRECAUTIONS page if you plan to bring electrical, chemical, laser or heat-producing materials BEFORE YOU COME TO THE FAIR – they may not be allowed…
  • Have good directions to the site (click here for directions)
  • Bring money for parking (click here for parking information) & food.

There is a café on site, kiosks for snacks, water, coffee and soda and there are many restaurants across the street at the Paseo.  Most restaurants will validate 90 minutes of parking as well.

  • Know where to register.  There will be signs at the front door of the Exhibit Hall directing you to the different venues.
  • Your bar-coded name tag will be provided at time of registration.  Please wear your name tag at all Science Fair events.
  • Set up quickly and then relax; spend some time viewing other projects.
  • Go to the “Nine Quick Tips Workshop” for your interview.  This workshop begins at 2:00pm and is presented every ½ hour in the Conference Center.
  • Bring a book or multimedia in case you have to wait for an activity.  There are electrical kiosks for charging electronics.
  • Bring a camera or smart phone to snap photos of friends’ projects.  Get a photo of yourself with your project after it is set up!

girl being interviewesScience Fair Day 2 (click here for sub-page “The Interview”)

Science Fair Day 3Open House and Awards Ceremony

  • ALL students should plan to be present at the Awards Ceremony.

  • There will be a 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place or Honorable mention in each category.  The decision of the judges is FINAL.

  • There also will be Special Awards from professional organizations or prizes from fair sponsors.

  • Take down and remove projects promptly (there will be a short project removal from 5:00-6:00pm and then the final removal after the awards (9:00 – 10pm.)

  • All projects must be removed by 10:00 pm.

  • There is NO storage space at the convention.  Uncollected projects go into the trash.